A story about revenge, mind manipulation and control...

"The ignorant mind, with it's infinite afflictions, passions and evils, is rooted in the poisons  greed, anger and delusion"

- Bodhidharma


When a vengeful reporter returns to her childhood village, she and her abused twin track down the men who abducted them fifteen years earlier. Yet, the men have plans of their own for the twins...

Short Synopsis

Fifteen years pass since the attempted abduction of 10 year old Emma and successful abduction of her twin sister Jess. Emma has a new job as a local newspaper reporter and she is called back to the village to follow up a missing persons report on an 8 year old girl called 'Alice' who has suddenly vanished.

The twins return to their sleepy home village to discover everything has changed and not for the better. Their plan is to settle old demons and exact their revenge on the pedophile ring from years back. On the girls return Detective Baker a police officer who dealt with Jess's case, is back on the scene trying to help locate the missing girl.

From the offset the village appears to be a very pretty and idyllic place but beneath the surface, the sister find that secrets and lies are in the blood and bones of this small, close knit community, nothing is exactly as it seems.

IIt's elevated above the usual revenge thriller by the striking visual treatment - the clothes, the locations, the colours - all will make it feel fresh and exciting.”
Manuel Puro, Puro Casting
(Moon, Thick as Thieves, Scorpion King 2)


Deluded now has official SEIS status, which means you can now invest in the film with significant tax benefits to you. Please get in touch for more information and a full current Business Plan

The Occult Filmmakers along with Reverend Productions will be raising funds in order to fund the film from pre-production to post production stages. We will be raising funds in various ways from selling virtually everything we own to seeking creative filming grants and tracking down potential private investors.  We are also currently in search of sponsors so if you are interested in being apart of this wonderful project then please get in touch! 


Elkie Yates is the writer and Director of Deluded. This will be her first feature. Elkie has made a number of short films all showing her particular style of directing.

Elkie has a personal history that feeds into her story telling. From being a soldier in the British Army, an ambulance technician, to a Burlesque dancer as well as getting a degree creative writing at Winchester University, she has seen the good and the bad of humanity all of which feeds into her directing.


In addition to Directing, Elkie has been the primary driver of the development so far and continues to be heavily involved in the production of the film in addition to her directing responsibilities.

Derek Parsons is the Writer, Producer and Director of Edward, a short psychological thriller.

Derek brought together a fusion of professional actors and crew with highly committed amateurs and students of filmmaking.
He has also completed a Producer’s course with Raindance, London. In his other life Derek is a lawyer, so he enjoys budgeting, scheduling and crunching numbers.
The Producers’ blend of creative and business acumen creates a terrific range of skills underpinning this project