Directors Vision

Deluded is a story about revenge, mind manipulation and about the choices we make in life both consciously and sub consciously. 

Emma is the driving force throughout the film; through her eyes we see the world beyond its mist. Emma's retribution on the persons who tore her family apart, reveal the conflicting issues between what is considered right and what is considered wrong in a screwed up society bedazzled with money, control, power and greed. Whilst the people in the village of the Deluded lie in a comatose state of consciousness, Emma is very much awake. The film is also about how one person’s difference can impact a whole series of events. For example, the evil Jerry who uses mind manipulation to control everyone in the village compared to Emma, who actively seeks out to stop Jerry, even though the odds are stacked against her, she still manages to spin everything on its head.

The story can be taken quite literally as a revenge thriller, or for those wanting to explore the film in more depth there is a lot of subtext that can provide the viewers with the opportunity to go back and analyse the film further. For example, numerology, conspiracy theories and symbolism will be used to not only tell the story about the twins, but to also add layers and enrich the subtext on what the film is actually about.

The overall cinematic look of the film is as essential as the script itself. Deluded will be filmed using an abundance of colour. From what originally is a dark story about revenge and a satanic cult, instead of opting for the usual dark atmospheric look, we will instead be opting for strong warm colours. The same approach will be taken with the music, on the scenes where torture is being carried out, instead of opting for the stereotypical eerie, scary music, I instead envisage using deep soulful songs such as Northern Soul. For example, Imagine Millie Jackson's' It Hurts so good' being played in a brutal torture scene, it send chills down the spine due to the disturbing contrast of what' s happening visually in front of your eyes. Everything in Deluded is a contrast, this not only helps empthasise the deluded society we live in but also our consciousness battling with the sub conscious mind. This contrast in music and colour adds to the films authenticity and adds a special kind of something that most stereotypical psychological thrillers do not.

Visual effects during the torture scenes are important, I feel a lot can be left to the imagination as this has more of a hard hitting psychological impact, rather than just showing blood and gore. A good DOP is essential, as all of the shots in Deluded must to be visually interesting. Each shot should represent a moving image of art, it should reveal story even in times of no dialogue or where there is dialogue and no action is taking place. The shots need to capture emotion, explore character and capture a unique way of telling our story visually.

Each character in the film will to be represented by a strong individual actor. The actors will be provided with lots of information about the character they are playing, however, each actor will be expected to bring something original to the set. Avoidance of stereotypical casting is essential, this will not only challenge the actors, but again works well with our strong theme of contrast.

My aim as the director of Deluded is to make a film that the audience will want to watch again and again and for them to go away afterwards and discuss. For myself and the crew this would be a great achievement.

Directors who heavily influence my work include Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Taranino, Park Chan Wook, Lynne Ramsay and Guillermo del Toro all these directors have a strong individual visual style, their films are not only visually interesting but they’re films you can watch again and again each time gaining new information and making you question what you have just watched.